Terracota History

TERRACOTA S.A. was established in Almazora (Spain) in 1972, integrated in the ceramic tiles industry from the very beginning. It has always been a synonym of the first-class quality products, cutting edge of ceramic technology and prestige. As one of the first companies TERRACOTA S.A. adopted a high level of quality in its manufacturing process and design in order to offer exclusive products and solutions to the market. This can be portrayed in significant quantity of decoration and tile sizes. TERRACOTA's strategic management imposes a creation of the new rules which assume a company to be: FOCUSED, FIRST, FAST, FLEXIBLE, FRIENDLY, FAIR and FEASIBLE. The prestigious image achieved by the company is the result of continuous research which leaded to creation of the new stylistic tendencies in the world and foreseeing the requirements of the elitist part of the market.